Core Sourcing
Tailored full-cycle hiring services for picky-founders building on-chain
Don't settle for 1 in 100
Scout Remote 'Hidden Gems' scattered across the globe, specialists in building and scaling production ready blockchain based products, the 0.1%.

Strict vetting, deep network and a chunk of crypto-based experience, leverage us as your low-risk option to finding truly exceptional talent that's right for you.
No, we are not corporate assholes, you won't get spammed, and this page isn't pixel'd.
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Embedded – Rapid Feature Scaling
Large production backlog?
Scale horizontally, fast. Embed seasoned teams for as little as 30 days to knockout your functions and features backlog.
Pick crews with rich experience in IPFS, RSK, Ethereum to come in and nail it the first time.
Don't Trust. Verify. You know it. Want examples? -->>
Hardcore Tech Talent Hunters
We built the team around our own needs: To find specialists to build high-throughput products based primarily on-chain. Entrepreneurs, product owners and deeply networked recruiters, we're here to help you source the best of the best for your core.

Kyiv, UA 

Co-founder & CEO 


London, UK 

Co-founder & COO


Lviv, UA

Head of Recruitment


Kyiv, UA

Senior Recruiter


Kyiv, UA

Senior Recruiter


Miami, FL, USA 

Head of Content 


Kyiv, UA

Middle Recruiter

Kryvyi Rih, UA

Head of Research


London, UK / Beijing, China

Growth Manager 


Alicante, Spain

Head of Matchmaking

Upfront No Headache Pricing
Scout unlimited senior specialists from around the world, embed a dedicated hiring squad for as little as $3000, with a no-placement no-money guarantee.
Embed ready-made teams to take on your functionality and feature backlog, with scaling on-tap. Starting from $12,500 a month.
Our services cost about the same as a Bitcoin.
Much like Bitcoin, the best time to invest in, is now.
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Case Study
How a Global Finance Company Saved Over $34,000 in Hiring A Star Product Manager For Their New Blockchain Based Project with Core Hunters in Just 18 Days

Still Not Sure?
So what do you offer?
We offer 3 core services. Full Cycle Hiring, that's where we scout, vet and place talent with you. Embed Teams, to rapidly scale features & functionality. Market, build your protocol's community the right way, the first time.

What are the costs?
All costs start from transparent flat fees tailor made for protocols, deFi and DAOs.
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What happens if something goes wrong?
We offer guarantees for up to 6 months on all hiring opportunities. None of our client's have had to use it as of yet...
Who have you worked with?
Our client's range from top 10 on CMC to stealth funded solo builders hailing from across the world.
Can you hire non-blockchain talent?
Solidity, Rust and WASM are our favourites to hunt for, but we're also great at finding other technical and creative roles.
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Where do you source the talent?
We have our own dedicated community of remote-blockchain based developer talent, along with a full-stack team of specialist headhunters who search the deepest, darkest corners of the interwebs.
We have A+ Clients
Crypto Recruitment Made Right

USA – UK – Ukraine
+380 (99) 024-51-29
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